Society needs rebels - those willing to challenge social norms, embrace new ideas and speak the truth regardless of the consequences. Rock music, in particular, should be a rebellion. This is the philosophy that Yellow King takes into their sound, image and message.

Yellow King is a heavily conceptual alternative rock band with a metallic edge. Their music is ultimately an examination and celebration of life, and aims at motivating listeners to overcome any obstacles they encounter -personal obstacles, professional obstacles, or otherwise.

In 2015, Yellow King released a five track EP called Think For Myself, which explored the five stages of grief. In 2016, they released another EP, this one entitled The Devil's Hole, which dealt with the process of overcoming addiction and finding self-control. They continue to write new material, and the focus of 2019 is more external - examining social dynamics like conformity, obedience, dominance and submission, willful ignorance, and the psychology of groups.

Yellow King currently boasts a repertoire of over 20 songs and has played shows all over Wichita and the surrounding Kansas area, including opening for national acts like Otep, Pop Evil and Flaw. They are consistently working to improve and never stop striving toward their ultimate goal of rock stardom and entertaining the entire world.

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